Terms Of Service Required To Use Any Service or Site.

 1. Our Terms of Service subject to change without notice.

2. We/I reserve the unqualified right to refuse anyone, company, charge card transactions I deem to be of risk,rude or possibility illegal by my standards.

3. Credit card fraud is on the rise and all orders that have a shipping address that does not match the Billing address, will be verified before shipping on first orders. Orders that are unverified, may be held in suspension status with no refund until cleared up with a matching photo Government ID when requested by staff.

4. Failure to provide proof of card ownership, will result in loss of the right to shop in our network. Stolen cards often charge back the fraud, so there will be no refund on fraud investigated cases. Money taken in on unverified CC orders, less than $1,200 will be used as admin processing fees to protect our shoppers and prevent abuse of credit card fraud use.

No exceptions. No refunds on fraud.

5. By using our site or services, you waive all legal rights to file suit or do a charge-back or refund until a government ID is provided with matching name and address. Then we will deduct $120 recovery fee and send the balance or fulfill the order.

6. You must agree, for all services, where-is-as-is. there truly are no guarantees in life, but we will try to do our best. You agree to waive all rights of legal recourse for all matters if you use our service or products. We are honest working people and will look forward to serving you, but with all that is going on in this world, I cannot guarantee anything tomorrow. May God bless your family and let's all pitch in to make it better. 

7. "ALL LIVES MATTER - END OF CONVERSATION" . We / I do not support any group that divides up the people or strive to force your way of life upon others who do not share your choices. You do what's best for you and leave the rest of us alone.

8. Data Security & Hackers. 

For all services they are "where-is-as-is" and you waive all legal rights with using our services / products regardless of your local or laws, you agree to our terms to use our services.  In this life offers no guarantees that thief's and hackers will steal what they can. Be it out of your home, car, work space or online.  We will do our best as we know how and that is not subject to what someone else thinks.

You agree to waive all rights of legal recourse for all matters if you use our service or products. 

Thank you for understanding this is a business and not a social reform platform. If you do not agree, I really don't care as I don't have the time or energy to worry about everyone's feelings. - so just do not use our service and have a nice day.

J. Michael Thrasher, Owner.