Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Simple. Direct, Painfully Truthful...

We (I) will do our best with what we know to be the best information we have at the time; to always

do our best.  We will fail.  We will learn... & we will grow.

Read the news. Even the US Government can't prevent being hacked.

We (I) are no better - But we will grow ... and do better.

As such, you agree to hold us, We, I, Staff, Vendors, Agents harmless for any errors or omissions, even if it's our fault.

We will work to try to make it right.

You agree not to sue or seek damages for any reasons. If sued, all damages per family, per lifetime

is limited to a max award of $1 for all matters in total & all legal actions, court cases will be handled in Raleigh NC. USA.

- This may be updated as needed.

Let's share the journey we call life.  Welcome to TheFUN®

- JMThrasher.