About Us

About Us.

(I, myself and friends).

I am JMThrasher.  You can call me "Michael".

My direct number is (919) 771-9661

As a small startup I an located in Clayton NC. Just outside Raleigh NC.

I have been building this network for 12 years and it's done.

This is part of TheFUN® Networks.  Something I built to hire US Vets and end 70% of all missing children.

Your business is appreciated and needed. This is a teamwork and I can't do it without good people.

People like you.


"XiiO" is a project. I personally pay the cost to promote.

It is now used around the world and you can see it on Youtube HERE

I built TheFUN® to save children...

The profits made here with your support will help prevent abuse and recover children we will never meet.


- Michael.

This is what you and I will build together.  4 call centers to train and place 240+ US Vets into new careers preventing

abuse,  End human trafficking and finding abducted children. 

It's a cool project and your part is needed in supporting it with something you already do,

but now just do here.  "Buy Mobile Services at TheFUN® Wireless Store for your Family."